I have been meaning to look foward on my composure. I just can't get the thought out of my head about 'X'. If I were to approach him, I don't even now what I'll do. I just don't have my standards completely straightened out. I'll need to think hard about this choice and why I'll choose it. I have to think about that choice and why. I also will have to know what to do if I do end up getting the disk. I know  I do want the choice of playing it, but it will have me end up being found dead next morning or day. But if Sonic.exe was approached by a female; what would he do? I can't really tell by action much, but what I can tell is that I could try it out if I do get the disk. My options are endless. These are my theories.

  1. If I do get the disk, I could play it, then be found dead next day. That's if 'X' did not have a interest into my actions or choices. 
  2. If I get the disk, I'd play it, then end up being alive still. Reason; because of Sonic.exe having an interest, then let me alone.....or will he?
  3. (Repeat same first two steps) then being alive. He liked my actions, then left. This time, he'd be a plushie....he'll be watching...

​      Main Idea: 

  Will he react differently to a female little girl (Such as myself, for I'm only 12) than what he'd to a male or like Tom?

    A Girl's Mind:

I'd hoped to actually see Sonic.exe. That's why most of my choices are to play the game. I've already heard about the game and the reasons of choices. But ever since I seen the game....I couldn't think of anything else of the time. I played the copied version online, but it's not the same version of the ORIGINAL game though. the title screen did NOT look the same as the original. I'm not sure what's to come as well though. I'll update these thoughts soon.....

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